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Fadeev, E, Rogge, A, Ramondenc, S, Nöthig, E-M, Wekerle, C, Bienhold, C, Salter, I, Waite, AM, Hehemann, L, Boetius, A & Iversen, MH 2021, 'Sea ice presence is linked to higher carbon export and vertical microbial connectivity in the Eurasian Arctic Ocean', Communications Biology, vol. 4, no. 1, 1255.

Fadeev, E, Wietz, M, Appen, WJV, Iversen, MH, Nöthig, EM, Engel, A, Grosse, J, Graeve, M & Boetius, A 2021, 'Submesoscale physicochemical dynamics directly shape bacterioplankton community structure in space and time', Limnology and Oceanography, vol. 66, no. 7, pp. 2901-2913.

Showing entries 21 - 40 out of 344