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Hodgskiss, L, Reyes, C, Kerou, M, Pribasnig, T, Bayer, B, Krämer, S & Schleper, C 2019, 'Copper limitation in the ammonia oxidizing archaeon Nitrososphaera viennensis', The Sixth International Conference on Nitrification and Related Processes (ICoN6), Xiamen, China, 8/10/19 - 12/10/19.

Malfatti, F, Lee, C, Tinta, T, Pendergraft, Celussi, Zhou, Sultana, Rotter, Axson, Collins, Santander, Anides Morales, Aluwihare, Riemer, Grassian, Azam & Prather 2019, 'Detection of Active Microbial Enzymes in Nascent Sea Spray Aerosol: Implications for Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate', Environmental Science & Technology Letters.

Showing entries 0 - 20 out of 329