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De Corte, D, Lekunberri Garcia, I, Sintes Elvelin, E, Garcia, JAL, Gonzales, S & Herndl, GJ 2014, 'Linkage between copepods and bacteria in the North Atlantic Ocean', Aquatic Microbial Ecology, vol. 72, no. 3, pp. 215-225.


Assmy, P, Smetacek, V, Montresor, M, Klaas, C, Henjes, J, Strass, VH, Arrieta, JM, Bathmann, U, Berg, GM, Breitbarth, E, Cisewski, B, Friedrichs, L, Fuchs, N, Herndl, GJ, Jansen, S, Kraegefsky, S, Latasa, M, Peeken, I, Roettgers, R, Scharek, R, Schueller, SE, Steigenberger, S, Webb, A & Wolf-Gladrow, D 2013, 'Thick-shelled, grazer-protected diatoms decouple ocean carbon and silicon cycles in the iron-limited Antarctic Circumpolar Current', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), vol. 110, no. 51, pp. 20633-20638.

Garcia, JA, Bergauer, K, Offre, P, Weinmaier, T, Schleper, C & Herndl, G 2013, 'Microbial community composition and functional gene variation with depth in the deep-water masses from the Atlantic', EuroEEFG - Frontiers in Ecological and Evolutionary Genomic, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 26/05/13 - 30/05/13.

Showing entries 100 - 120 out of 337