Publications from 2008 to now

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Garcia, JA, Bergauer, K, Offre, P, Weinmaier, T, Schleper, C & Herndl, G 2013, 'Microbial community composition and functional gene variation with depth in the deep-water masses from the Atlantic', Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 26/05/13 - 30/05/13, .

Frank, A, Herndl, G, Garcia, JA & Reinthaler, T 2013, 'Changes in prokaryotic community composition in biogeographic provinces of the meso- and bathypelagic North Atlantic' ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2013, New Orleans, United States, 17/02/13 - 22/02/13, .

Reinthaler, T, Yokokawa, T, Nagata, T & Herndl, G 2013, 'Deep-sea prokaryotic heterotrophic activity in the biogeographical provinces of the world’s ocean' 1st EMBO Conference on Aquatic Microbial Ecology: SAME13, Stresa, Italy, 8/09/13 - 13/09/13, .

Baltar, F, Reinthaler, T, Lekunberri Garcia, I & Herndl, G 2012, 'Prokaryotic function and diversity response to different amendments in the subtropical North Atlantic oxygen minimum zone' Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 20/02/12 - 24/02/12, .

Wuchter, C, Reinthaler, T, Sintes Elvelin, E, Herndl, G & Sievert, S 2009, 'High-resolution depth profile of prokaryotic abundance, activity and community composition across the oxygen minimum zone in the eastern tropical Pacific' ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2009, Nizza, France, 25/01/09 - 30/01/09, .

Winter, C & Suttle, C 2009, 'Large scale patterns of prokaryotes and viruses in the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.' ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2009, Nizza, France, 25/01/09 - 30/01/09, .

Showing entries 0 - 6 out of 6